Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure (S.E.A.L.), Cooradarrigan, Schull, County Cork, Ireland


Atlantic S.E.A.L. is a small, select English Language school and a certified teacher training centre. We have 3 centres: a year round adult school for General, Business, Exam English & English Teacher Training., an Atlantic-side Junior school for 9 to 12 and 13 to 17 year olds and a 'Young kiddie's English Summer Camp' for 3 to 8 year olds. All 3 centres are located right beside the Atlantic ocean in the lively little town of Schull. They are just a few minutes on foot from eachother, so they are separate, but conveniently close. Ideal for full family programmes.

Our location - South West Cork - has been described as “the most magical place in Ireland.” It boasts a mix of mountains, moors, wild hills full of lakes, deep river valleys and dramatic cliffs overlooking the Atlantic. So, we can offer a wonderful selection of leisure activities to complement our English courses and the most beautiful and relaxing place to live and learn. Here the living is easy and the pace is slow. The local residents love to chat to our students - ideal for language practice - and friendships are made for life.

We have the best of both worlds - a peaceful, beautiful location - an ideal learning environment, and all the life and action of the Atlantic Ocean and this lively colourful little town on our doorstep.

At Atlantic S.E.A.L. we know that everyone is different. So we help you to choose accommodation to suit your personality, needs and budget. To save you time our ' All Inclusive Package Option' programmes include accommodation or you can 'custom build' a programme from beginning to end that really meets all your requirements and that includes where you stay.

Our English Courses
We believe expert tuition in small groups, combined with an exciting leisure programme that stimulates the mind and body, sets the tone for a successful and pleasurable learning experience.

  • Junior Programme
  • Adult Programme
  • Easter and Summer Camp
  • General English and Golf

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Study at Atlantic S.E.A.L.

We believe expert tuition in small groups, combined with an exciting leisure programme that stimulates the mind and body, sets the tone for a successful and pleasurable learning experience. Our students build great confidence in using English. Thanks to the hands-on, relaxed approach of our teachers here in Schull, students' progress isn't limited to just the classroom setting; they give more effective presentations, deal better with clients and counterparts on the phone & by email, and feel more confident communicating in English at work and socially following their experience here. Even shy students will enjoy the experience of living with a host family, as often there will be other people of a similar age group in the household where they stay. Our teachers accompany students on leisure outings, so new language is reinforced even while out having fun.

General English 20 hrs/week (2019 price)
€ 405 per week (September - June)
€ 435 per week (july - August) 

Junior Programme

The Junior Programme runs from the 24th June to 23rd August 2019. Join any Monday and stay as long as you wish.

The same Junior programme also takes place at Easter for one or two weeks between April 15th to April 27th 2019.

The ages range from 9years old to 17 years old (different age groups are separated and divided into their age group and levels of course). Students can join an on-going course ANY Monday. Arrival at the host family is usually on the Sunday before the course starts. Departure is usually on Saturday of the last week. All our teachers are qualified to a very high standard. Because we are also a teacher training centre, our own teaching methods are always being upgraded and reassessed in order to ensure our programmes are effective and successful for our students.

Schull may be a small village, but thanks to its location, we are so lucky that there is so much to do. As we are located right beside the Atlantic Ocean and we can offer lots of exciting watersports - sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, surfing and lots of beach sports. As there is wonderful green countryside and hills around us we can go horse-riding, play tennis, golf, go cycling, hiking and have picnics and barbecues on top of Mount Gabriel.

But it doesn't have to be 'all sport' - we know that some people are more 'passive' and that on some days you may prefer to be creative; this is why we offer jewellery making, stone engraving, paper making and art lessons and workshops.

Including in the price per week:20 English lessons, 5 afternoons of leisure, full day excursion + host family (full board). 

Course fees (2019 prices)

€ 345 for 1 weeks Junior Programme 25hrs of Lessons/week + * Optional Extra Activities on Mon/Wed/Fri Afternoons + Saturday Excursion; Optional full-board accommodation with a host family € 215/week per child