LCI Barcelona Higher Education in Design


LCI Barcelona, Official School of Higher Education in Design, is the European campus of the LCI Education network. LCI Barcelona's origin is the association in October 2013 between LCI Education and the School of Higher Education in Fashion Felicidad Duce. LCI Barcelona trains professionals in design, recognized by their excellence and their global vision.

LCI Barcelona's new campus is located in the prestigious neighborhood of Sant Gervasi. In September 2015, the School inaugurated its brand new campus facilities situated on Balmes Street 209. You have at your disposal the best equipment and state-of-the-art technology. You will be able to study in a space created specifically to encourage inspiration and creativity. This new location offers you all the components to fulfilling your creative potential.

This 2,600m2 two floor building hosts 20 classrooms specifically designed to meet the needs of all our design specialties: Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design and Fashion; 2 laboratories with the top equipment; computer rooms with the most up-to-date software (AutoCAD, Cad2D, 3D CAD, Rhinoceros, and more); and a FabLab: a layout and prototyping workshop equipped with a 3D printer and a laser cutting machine. This new building has a student capacity of 420.

Barcelona is a city of reference as far as art, trends, design and image concerns. The School is currently located in Sarria - Sant Gervasi, soon we will inaugurate a new campus in the innovative neighborhood of 22@Barcelona.

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All programs at LCI Barcelona School of Higher Education in Design

Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design (4 years) 8,705 euro per year
Language of Instruction Spanish / English

The profile of a fashion designer is one of a professional able to conceive and materialize textile and clothing products at different levels, meeting the needs and the market, creativity and innovation trends and ensuring their technical, economic, environmental and sociocultural feasibility.

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design (4 years) 8,705 euro per year
Language of Instruction Spanish / Catalan

The digitalization of society has created even more interactive disciplines among different sectors, with the designers of digital interfaces and interaction at the focal center of this new world. Faced with these new challenges, LCI Barcelona now offers specialization in Digital Graphic Design or Interactive Design, producing competitive graduate profiles in today’s cultural, social and economic context, while leading professional training in the design sector.

Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design (4 years) 8,705 euro per year 
Language of Instruction Spanish / Catalan

Interior design is the implementation of creative knowledge in the developmental process of a product, as well as being a service in a living environment. The proper use of interior design helps to increase value, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of production processes and productivity, as it integrates the dimension of aesthetics with functional, economic, social, cultural and environmental factors.

Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design (4 years) 8,705 euro per year
Language of Instruction Spanish / Catalan

Product design is one of the most in demand studies today as it is a powerful tool for differentiating companies and enabling them to stand out from their competitors. The growing and unstoppable complexity of the global market is increasingly requiring companies to equip themselves with highly skilled professionals to compete in products and services.