InterNapa College, Sotira, Cyprus


Choosing the right college can be sometimes overwhelming. We present to you below our College’s distinct characteristics that can help you decide whether this is the best option for you and what you should expect to gain from your higher education by choosing InterNapa College. Our strong partnerships with leading universities means our graduates can save both time and money.

Our accredited programs can help you transfer your credits to any University in the world. Based on the amenities and services we offer to our students, we offer a highly competitive college fee package.  Our annual job fair attracts well known hospitality and tourism organizations where students will get the chance to gain experience from industry leaders.

Located between two major European tourism destinations: Ayia Napa & Protaras, students have the chance to enjoy their educational years on the island. Sunshine is the order of nearly every day on the island of Cyprus, which has a typical Mediterranean climate. 

Competence in English is required for all programs taught in English. An English Placement Test is given to all incoming students. Students are required to take the test that determines their proficiency and appropriate placement in English courses. Its purpose is to determine the proficiency level of a student so as to recommend appropriate placement in English courses. Students with qualifications in English language such as: IELTS 5.5, IGCSE C, TOEFL 525 (196 computer based) will be able to follow normal program requirements (as described in individual program pathways).

Students placed at foundation level English will study only English for that semester. If successful the following semester they will continue at the Basic English level. Students may only repeat foundation English once.

Students of InterNapa College - Summer English School have a wide variety of choices for accommodation. They may stay in beach villas, hotels or apartments. They can choose to share, have their own room or stay with their families. All accommodation is of course by the beach.

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Study at InterNapa College

Bachelor of Arts Hospitality
& Tourism Management
4 years Bachelor of Arts (Student can attend up to 3 paid internship summer programs) 

The Bachelor of Arts Hospitality & Tourism Management Program is meant to provide students with the academic skills coupled with practical know-how needed to succeed in the hotel, restaurant and tourism business. The program is dynamic and is tailored to accompany industry trends and reflect changing market needs. Major requirements have been formulated as to give students a strong sense of managerial responsibilities needed in hotels, restaurants and the tourism sector as well as the basic practical know-how essential to supervise and later manage potential employees efficiently.

Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management: 2 years Diploma (Student can attend 1 paid internship summer program)

The Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management follows industry trends and market needs applying modern concepts to preparing graduates for the hospitality and tourism industries. The program aims at delivering quality education through academic commitment and social responsibility, preparing students to excel in their future endeavours in an industry where the trends are a reflection of human needs. It offers a combination of classroom theory, practical application and industry training preparing students to assume different roles in this rapidly changing industry.

Culinary Arts Diploma: 2 years Diploma (Student can attend 1 paid internship summer program)

The Culinary Arts Diploma follows industry trends and market needs applying modern concepts about food and food production. The diploma program aims to prepare students for careers in the foodservice industry in kitchens at entry level positions in restaurants and hotels that will lead to supervisory / managerial positions in the near future. The program offers a combination of classroom theory, practical application and industrial training.

Diploma in Business Administration: four years (eight semesters)

The Diploma in Business Administration aims to provide students with a broad and thorough knowledge of the main features and practices of business organizations, present current comprehensive analysis of management theory and practices and to promote student understanding though applied innovative learning and teaching practices.

Tuition fee € 4,500 per year, plus € 150 application fee