International Summer Camp for Juniors (11-16 years) in English or Italian


Learn languages in the beautiful setting of Southern Italy

Our International Junior Summer Camp is a unique educational experience to learn Italian or English in the beautiful setting of Cilento Coast, in a seaside destination, with international students aged 11–16 coming from all over the world.

  1. Superb location: The resort village is located in an unspoiled natural area (World Heritage UNESCO protected site) and its famous for its white sandy beaches.
  2. Safety and Students’ care: Safety is our first priority. Our Staff will be at the village 24/24 hours for the whole duration of the program. 
  3. Highly qualified staff: All our teachers are native speakers and have a degree with a specialization in teaching juniors.
  4. Double option for Students and Parents: Students can choose the English Program or the Italian Program while parents can join their sons by choosing the FAMILY PROGRAM.
  5. Intensive Leisure Program: We offer an extensive program of different sports and leisure activities every day.
  6. Small number of students for each group: Our classes have a maximum number of 15 students, thus allowing students to practice more and the teachers to check their progress regularly.
  7. International environment with students from all over the world.

Our Summer Junior Camp takes place at the Elea Village Club, a primary tourist village located in Ascea Marina- SA (2 hours from Salerno) in Campania. The resort village is situated in the heart of the Cilento National Park which is a World Heritage UNESCO protected site. Our campus is the ideal place for a relaxing, exciting and safe study abroad experience. The resort is immersed in the olive groves and has a direct access to a private beach.

Ascea Marina

Ascea Marina is a small village well known for its fine sandy wide beaches and its blue sea which earned it the “blue flag” eco-label award. The town is also famous for the ruins of the ancient Greek town of Elea (Velia) dating back to the 6th century B.C and it is considered the cradle of the Eleatic school of philosophy.  

Cilento National Park 

The National Park of Cilento is something you must experience at least once in your life. The Park stretches from the Tyrrheanian coast up to the foot of the Apennines in the regions of Campania and Basilicata. Its astonishing natural and unspoiled landscapes include mountain paths, olive tree hills and golden beaches. This is the ideal place for people who love both mountain and sea.  

The Resort

The holiday village offers: private beach, accommodation in 4 bed bungalows, a restaurant, entertainment, juniors mini club, WIFI. It provides a very secure environment. The only access in and out is via the front entrance, which is controlled by security staff 24 hours a day. Students are not allowed to leave the village unless they are with a member of our staff. The school will provide the student and the parents with a mobile phone number of the tutor. Parents will be able to reach their children by phone each day in fi xed hours.

All the activities (language lessons, leisure activities, meals and accommodation) included in the 

program take place in the Resort and participants stay here for the whole duration of the program under the supervision of our Tutors.

The Program

Our Juniors Program in Italy has a good balance between lessons and activities, being designed for young students who want to learn a new language while having fun at the sea and with outdoor activities.

The Program includes

  • 40 lessons / 2 weeks of Italian or English classes
  • Bus Transfer from/to Naples Airport Capodichino
  • 2 weeks (13 nights) accommodation with full board in 4-bed bungalows at the Elea Club Ascea Marina (SA)
  • Social program including 2 excursions (Paestum and Velia)
  • 2 Cooking lessons
  • 2 Art and Craft lessons (pottery and painting) or sport activities (dance, aqua-gym, etc.)
  • 2 Archery lessons
  • 24 h welfare and support staff on-site

The Course

Language lessons focus on building communication in order to improve your fl uency in Italian or English. In addition to formal language skills training, lessons include a wide range of activities which help students to practice the language while having fun. Most of the activities focus on vocabulary in order to prepare students for the leisure activities in the afternoon. All the lessons run from Monday to Friday (09:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m.). Each lesson has a duration of 45 minutes.

Levels: From Beginners to Upper Intermediate (A1-B2)

Placement Test: A placement test on the fi rst day of course ensures that all the students are placed at the right level

Teachers: All our teachers are professionally trained with specialized qualifi cations in teaching Italian and English as a Second Language to children and teenagers, in addition to their degree. We guarantee that all our staff will be kind, patient, attentive and caring. Our staff team is committed to ensuring that your child has a positive and enjoyable learning experience.

Leisure Activities

Activities are a very important part of our program as they are a way of learning while having fun with other students. The Program includes a wide range of leisure activities in the afternoon: sports (beach volley, football, aqua gym) dance lessons, social games, pottery and cooking lessons, role plays and acting, 2 excursions (Velia and Paestum). Furthermore, the resort has a private sandy beach with beach umbrellas and chairs. Students can access the beach at any time under the supervision of our tutors.


Accommodation is in 4 bed bungalows with shared bathroom. Each bungalow has a double bunk bed, a double bed, 1 private bathroom and a small garden where you can relax with other students. Bungalows are equipped in a simple but very comfortable way. Please note that the students will have to share the wardrobe space so we suggest that they bring just enough clothes for the two week stay. The bungalow is shared with other students of the same sex. Daily cleaning is included in the program.

Family Option

We offer parents the possibility of joining the program together with their children. We offer parents 2 options:

  • Full Program: Language group course + accommodation n 4 bed bungalows + full board + use of the beach and entertainment
  • Half Program: Only accommodation in 4 bed bungalows + full board + use of the beach and entertainment. It doesn’t include the language course and activities.

Camp Start Dates 2017

3 July 2017;17 July 2017

The 2017 Price

€ 1,500 for 2 weeks

The Price Includes

  • 40 Language group lessons / 20 lessons per week
  • Sport and Recreational activities every day
  • Accommodation in 4 bed bungalows (13 nights) with Full board
  • Entertainment and animation team
  • 2 excursion to Velia and Paestum
  • Free access to private beach
  • Internet
  • Final test and certificate